Terms and Conditions Offshore Society

The present Terms and Conditions are to govern trade between Offshore Society ("Offshore Society") and its customers ("customer"). On the basis of these General Sales Conditions, Offshore Society will provide customer assistance (although this cannot engage the responsibility of Offshore Society) to choose the intermediaries for services such as the establishment of offshore companies ("company")as well as assistance in opening accounts Bank ("opening of bank account").

The present Terms and Conditions are an integral part of any contract between the Client and Offshore Society by signing a form Offshore Society, signed online or on paper ("contract"). By concluding a contract with Offshore Society, the Client accepts the present General Sales Conditions.

All other terms and conditions that deviate, contradict or complement these terms and conditions will be excluded from any contract.

Offshore Society reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time with immediate effect.

Offshore Society is a brand of the Oceane Web company, which is a service provider in company creation and opening of bank accounts registered in Mauritius as to company registration number: C15129648.

Address of Headquarters: French Hub heart of city Grand Bay Island of Mauritius

France: 10 Street discount 67120 Dachstein

Offshore Society is paid by the Client to direct it to an intermediary to provide the customer company formation service, in the courts specified in the list published on the site or assistance of offshore bank account opening service (in no case Offshore Society's responsibility would be committed if the Bank won't open the account where if opening times are estimated too long by the customer).

An intermediary of Offshore Society may assist the customer in the context of the opening of a bank account. In this context, Offshore Society or an intermediary may offer the customer a list of banks, but it is the customer who is responsible for the choice of the Bank. The customer can choose a bank from the list of the banks provided or third-party Bank ("Bank"). The opening of the account and the successful implementation of services such as credit cards, books of bank cheque or Internet banking access is not guaranteed and without warranty. The service can be used only for lawful purposes in accordance with your country of tax residence.

Offshore Society reserves the right to refuse all or part of the services that it offers to a Client without reason or explanation, and cannot, in any case, be held responsible for this refusal.

Although Offshore Society strives to provide true and correct information on its services, it does not provide legal advice. It is up to the Client to ensure that he receives all the legal advice and tax with respect to the establishment and operation of the company, and to ensure that activities will not breach the law of any jurisdiction.

The Customer warrants that it will not use one of the rights granted in contract for purposes that are illegal, obscene, defamatory or immoral and not to discredit Offshore Society in any way.

The customer shall provide the Offshore Society intermediary through any information considered necessary by the Commission to ensure that the company complies with the applicable legislation in the fight against the laundering of money and due diligence. It is up to the Client to ensure that the information provided is correct. The customer also States that property or funds introduced in a society are, neither directly nor indirectly, the product of a crime or any other illegal activity. In order to meet its legal obligations, the customer will hold intermediaries fully and quickly informed of any changes concerning the economic beneficiary,shareholders and executives of the company.

The customer agrees to pay the fees claimed by Offshore Society. In addition to the fees mentioned on the site, the customer acknowledge shaving to repay all costs incurred, including, but not limited.

Offshore Society begins a phase of operation only after receipt of full payment of fees. All fees and charges are payable in the currency designated by Offshore Society, which is usually the Euro. The customer is not allowed to keep fees and charges following claims related to any service, any warranty or liability. In the same way, straight offset on the part of the customer is excluded hereby.

Offshore Society cannot be held responsible if the required services cannot be implemented. Responsibility for Offshore Society regarding additional services is strictly limited to choice, education and surveillance of its affiliated companies or to any third party.

In the particular case of bank account opening, Offshore Society acts as a third party in the relationship between the intermediary, the Bank and the customer. Therefore, Offshore Society cannot be held responsible for the relationship between the Bank and the customer. Offshore Society doesn't have the power to act and does not act as an employee,representative or member of the management of the Bank and / or to sign on its behalf or to incur any liability on behalf of the Bank.

Opening of bank account, the service ends with the opening of the account by the Bank and subsequently all relationships are between the customer and the Bank.

Any customer can decide to cancel his request within 7 calendar days of its request for opening a bank account or request creation of an offshore company. It is the only case where refunds are offered. NO REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED FOR ANY REASON, IF THE CUSTOMER DECIDES TO CANCEL HIS REQUEST AFTER 7 CALENDAR DAYS.

These terms are subject to the Mauritian law. Any dispute related to the interpretation and enforcement of these terms will be of the exclusive competence of the courts of Mauritius.