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The Occupation Permit allows expatriates to reside and work in Mauritius. How to be eligible? The answer to this question is in this article. Three types of licences are open to you for permission to work during three years renewable in Mauritius

Investor's Permit

Your company must achieve a turnover greater than 4 million annual rupees (103,000 euros) and the amount of your initial investment must be greater than $ 100,000 or the equivalent in foreign currency (93,000 euros). You must as far as possible avoid choosing a sector in competition with the Mauritian companies already installed.

Professional Licence

Reserved for employees, your base salary must exceed 60,000 rupees monthly (1550 euros). For a professional of the sector of Information and Communication technology, this minimum wage is 45,000 rupees (1170 euros).

and a residence permit for the spouse and children of the employee.

Independent contractor (self-employed)

The annual income of the self-employed must be greater than 600,000 rupees (16,000 euros) the first two years of practice, then 1,200,000 Rupees the next years.
is essential to have a degree in the business line in which we want to work in and it is necessary to show the sum of 35,000 dollars (32,000 euros).

Retirement (retired citizen)

Any foreigner, whether it is 50 years old or older can apply for residence permit as retired. It is essential to have a clean criminal record and show an annual transfer of at least 40,000 dollars (37,000 euros) on Mauritian personal bank account.

How to obtain an Occupation Permit?

non-mauritian who wishes to obtain an occupancy permit must submit his application to the Board of Investment (BOI) to get his work permit and permits of stay for spouse and possibly other dependent (children aged less than 24).

These permits will be valid for 3 years, renewable and may lead, under certain financial conditions, to a permit of permanent resident for 10 years.

Work or Residence Permit


Request for work or residence permit in Mauritius

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