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An IBC or International Business Company is an offshore company engaged in international trade, but which is not registered in the countries where it operates. It practices in a tax haven, with a more flexible jurisdiction and an advantageous tax system.

Main characteristics of an IBC company

You can recognise an offshore company by the following characteristics:

  • Total exemption of taxes and taxes for local businesses
  • Business in complete confidentiality and anonymity
  • Different crafts and activities can be exercised
  • No requirement on the publication of the turnover
  • No obligation to appoint local directors or officer


Benefits and constraints of the IBC

As the most popular choice with foreign investors, an IBC can operate anywhere, except in its country of origin. It includes several benefits, including tax, fees to implementation and operating costs.

In practice, the procedures for creating an IBC are more flexible in a tax haven. In addition, labor costs are more profitable, unlike those of the country of origin. An IBC company also provides protection of property retirement.

However, the IBC doesn't have the right to make a commercial transaction any with local companies. A foreign investor is also forbidden to purchase of real estate; need to rent them to operate.

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International Business Company

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