Mauritian Domestic Enterprise Creation

A Mauritian domestic enterprise means any company incorporated in Mauritius, registered under the Companies Act 2001 and the Business Registration Act 2002.

All the steps of incorporation of a domestic enterprise are made with the Registrar of Companies based in Port-Louis. Once registered, the company gets the status of business entity and can undertake commercial activities legally.

A domestic company can be a Mauritian private law firm based in Mauritius or a foreign company registered in Mauritius.

In this sense, we have several categories of domestic company in Mauritius: company under private or public law, company by shares or by guarantee, unlimited or limited liability company.


Naming of a domestic company Mauritian

for the identification of your company, the naming must be done accurately. Indeed, before choosing a name for the company, it should be check and the availability must be confirmed with the Registrar of Companies.

Subsequently, the company can be instantly incorporated without fees required for the denomination or the constitution can be deferred until later. In this case, an amount of 200 rupees (Mauritian currency) is required and a period of 7 days is granted to book the name of the company.

The Registrar of Companies thus gives a certificate confirming the chosen name.

Delivered within a period of 48 hours, this certificate has a validity of months.


How to distinguish a Mauritian Domestic Company?

  • The incorporation of the company can be done in the absence of shareholders
  • Documents given to the Registrar of Companies (RoC) to enactment must be originals, and signed
  • The incorporation of a domestic Corporation is estimated at 3,400 Mur
  • The certificate period (about 2 to 3 days)
  • No minimum capital required
  • The company's management is entrusted to the Board of Directors
  • At least a Director of Mauritian nationality must be part of the Board of Directors
  • The Board of Directors must hold a general meeting at least once a year
  • The company must have a main bank account opened and managed in Mauritius
  • Flat-rate tax of 15% on the profits of the company
  • The company benefits from the double taxation agreements
  • The registered office of the company must be based in Mauritius
  • The company must have a main bank account opened and managed in Mauritius

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Domestic Enterprise


Domestic Enterprise Creation

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