Buy your Offshore company in Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago is an Offshore destination with a zero tax rateInvestors who wish to establish themselves in the Seychelles must conform to offshore standards of the International Business Companies Act and the Company Law, institutions that follow the anglo-saxon law.

The 3 types of Offshore Company

Indeed, there are 3 options in Seychelles: International Business Company (IBC), the Companies Special Licence (CSL) and the Seychelles Limited Partnership.

The IBC is the most popular formula by foreign investors. Also called Seychelles offshore company, IBC is a company limited by action.Rightly, the shareholders are neither required to be residents or to have a Seychelles nationality. In addition, the installation of an offshore company requires no minimum capital requirement and no accountability

However, the IBC company doesn't have the right to make a commercial transaction any with local companies in the Seychelles. A foreign investor is also forbidden to purchase of real estate; need to rent them for operate. However, this prohibition may be waived through local lawyers and accountants.

The CSL, governed by the Companies Act of 2003, give the opportunity to offshore investors operate inside and outside the Seychelles. This type of company also has tax benefits, including the double taxation treaty. As a result, entrepreneurs can invest by declaring his taxes in one country.

Finally the Seychelles Limited Partnership, regulated by the Limited Partnership Act of 2003, allows you to easily receive offshore revenues and redistribute them to outside partners without paying tax on this amount.

Why choose Seychelles as offshore destination ?

The legal and fiscal conditions are enticing even if it is pretty tricky for European country to deal with countries with exotic image. Indeed,payments coming out from Europe are subject to a deduction of at least 30% by the Seychelles IRS.

Whatever it is, the offshore companies are alternatives to tougher courts and more significant tax rate. In addition, the creation of an offshore company in Seychelles lasts 2 days, without requirement on payment of the share capital. Professional firms are available to facilitate your installation. Government fees are 93.75 for a society whose social capital does not exceed the € 93 751.46 and € 937.51 for one whose capital exceeds the € 93 751.46. To note that since October 2007, the Government of Seychelles grant more license for companies whose capital would be € 93 751.46. Renewal fees are € 93.75 (price is valid for life, and this, even if taxes were to change).