Creation of offshore company in Mauritius

Why creating an offshore company in Mauritius?

In Mauritius, there are 2 possibilities for companies: company GBL 1(Global Business License 1-15% tax) onshore and offshore GBL 2 (Global Business license 2-0% tax).

With the approval of the Financial Services Commission, the GBL 1 can perform offshore activities. This entity can be resident in Mauritius and is eligible for the double taxation agreement (signed and ratified with more than 35 countries, including France). However, investors cannot perform business actions with residents and are forbidden to do real estate investments. On the other hand, they can operate in banking,insurance and fund management. The GBL 1 has a slight tax rate: 15% on income and for the companies, but exempt from taxes on capital gains and the withholding. The opening of a company requires the possession of a Mauritian bank account as well as accounting.

In contrast, the GBL 2 cannot be considered as a resident of Mauritius and therefore does not have the benefits of the double taxation treaty.But it can perform all types of activities, except in the insurance, trust or investment funds. In addition, it is exempt from taxes and is not subject to a withholding tax. A GBL 2 has the right to hold a bank account elsewhere than in Mauritius and is not obliged to keep accounts.

A tax haven in the Indian Ocean

As Seychelles, Mauritius is also considered to be an exotic destination to set up an activity. However, it is still an attractive destination in the eyes of foreign investors. Indeed, it has a good reputation in taxation: exemption on corporate dividends paid to shareholders and capital gains.

Awarded by the World Bank in 2008 for its stable economic development, Mauritius is ideal to establish a company and grow a business. Banks are reliable and banking secrecy is enforced by the Mauritian jurisdiction. In this sense, all your information remain anonymous.

To help you with your offshore project, tax firms are available to accompany you and to advise you on many important parameters:

  • Research
  • Choice of location
  • Search for customers
  • Suppliers

normal time for the creation of an offshore company in Mauritius is days, without having to move. The business license amounts to €1406.27 for a GPL 1 and €187.50 for a GPL 2.