Secured international offshore company creation

Offshore Society is today the only one in the Indian Ocean offering a double securing of your legal and banking data at a price defying any competition.

Frequent questions

To optimise your income and pay less tax

It is not illegal to have an Offshore Company, you just have to respect certain rules

On average it takes 2 days to open up society and start to operate

There are annual management fees which vary according to the type of offshore company you have

The tax rate varies between 0 and 15% depending on the type of Offshore Company

To be completely anonymous, a local Director will be designated, but will not have access to any bank account

With over 20 years of experience in tax planning, Offshore Society is the best to advise you

We offer several types of Offshore company according to your needs

Annual fees are charged depending on the type of Offshore company you have

The host country will depend on your business and the type of billing that you want

You don't need to move, we can fill all the documents remotely


Why rely on Offshore Society?

You need growth solutions? Offshore Society, specialist in international tax optimization projects, is the company you need for the creation of your offshore company.

Business outsourcing is increasingly popular because it has considerable advantages about the profitability of the activities. This process, which is completely legal, presents a significant tax benefit. Indeed, opting for destination where the tax rate is more favourable (low) will allow you to have a better return on investment. In addition, with an offshore company, you win on different operating costs (not exhaustive):

  • Rental of premises
  • Employment of staff
  • Suppliers
  • Different providers

To better optimise your company abroad, it is therefore recommended to seek help of professionals in Offshore.

With more than 20 years of experience, we guarantee the most effective offshore solutions. From research to the creation of your business, we assist you in all your efforts to complete your project.

Quality, responsiveness, and especially security are our watchwords. In this sense, our qualified experts will advise you on the most appropriate destination, the prerequisites of offshore and all essential information, taking into consideration your expectations and regulations.

Get in touch with Offshore Society right now. Our customer service is available 24 h / 24, 7 d / 7 and is committed to respond to all your questions.


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